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The Commissary will be offering monthly, food industry specific workshops to help established and budding food business entrepreneurs navigate the industry. 

Success Stories: Taking Your Product from Idea to Market

Wednesday May 2nd 6:00 - 7:30PM

 Join us for a panel discussion to learn how local entrepreneurs took their idea for a packaged food good and turned it into a reality. You'll hear how our moderator and three panelists used local resources and took creative approaches to successfully scale up their businesses! This is a great opportunity to learn from some pros on what worked and what didn't. 

The panel will include Eddie Harris of Boss Sauce, Michele Liddle of The Perfect Granola, Gene Olczak of Karma Sauce, and will be moderated by Paul Guglielmo of Guglielmo's Sauce.

To attend the workshop, you can purchase tickets here

Workshops to date:

  • "How To Set Your Food Business up for Success & the Permits and Documents You Need to Get There"
  • "Engaging your Audience through Social Media"
  • "Picture Perfect: Food Styling & Photography"
  • "Recipe for Success: How Unconventional Food Businesses Got Their Start"
  • How to Take Your Product from Idea to Market

Missed the workshop? Need a refresher? Check out our YouTube Channel here.